BUYING GROUP OF 47 (and rising) SPANISH WHOLESALE COMPANIES. are quoted and buying each week via our service. --Sell one box or one container -securely-quickly.


F.M.S. Fish Marketing Spain.

How we work.?

We work as your (complete) Sales office in Spain. 

What do we do.

Sell your fish--to your order----arrange distribution of your fish- throughout Spain—Translate your mails to your buyers—Agree with buyers your payment terms.--We introduce you to a customer base of 60 Main wholesalers based throughout the Spanish Markets.-each customer with credit Insurance for safe trading.

What do you do.

Send us quantities and prices of Fish available—Pack and deliver—Invoice your buyers—tell us what you want—(within reason!!)


TRANSPORT:. Unless you are delivering to your buyer direct. All products are sold ex our distributor  based in Irun Spain, C.M.R. Signatures are given when your product arrives C.M.R Signatures are obtained when your product arrives at your buyer. All buyers pay the onward transport from Irun to their Premises.

MONEY; You Invoice your buyer direct. Obviously payment is paramount. PRIOR to any sales payment terms -in full- will be negotiated between yourself and your buyer. Most buyers we have supplied for years, but in any business ,you can get an exception. We like to think our service is built on trust- but these day's .We also deal in facts. Bank Guarantees- letters of credit- Invoice discounting-  Spanish bank credit reports   are all available. Our advice is to start slowly and build up confidence ,on both sides, At the end of the day ,we do not get paid our 2% until your cash is in your Bank-  

After many years in the business of selling Live-Fresh and Frozen products into this market. I could write a book on problems. Fortunately , because of this we can now avoid most of them. We have long term buyers and long term suppliers, and wish to continue this way!!

Have we experience,?

We have been selling Shellfish and smoked fish into Spain for 40 years we have been selling Shellfish and smoked Fish  in Spain for  30 Years, We have an established customer /distribution base throughout Spain. We speak English-Spanish and Catalan. We have been asked for Fresh Fish and are moving into that market.

Can we meet to discuss all this.?

Of course, but you will be welcome- to come to our Spanish Offices.

What do we charge ?

2% on sale prices. Nothing more nothing less.